Dice Rolling Discord Bot
For Risus Specifically!

(Apart from using the bot in server, You can also use the bot by DM)

You can roll the dice with '!' command and type amount of dices in ()


You can roll against any cliche



You can roll any number of dice

!Blizzard Storm(1)


!Army Of Chickens(9)

If Cliche is damaged, You can use slash (it'll use first number)


You can use other bracket


You roll mutiple cliches at the same time by start a new line


You can roll extra or reduced dices by using '-' or '+' (like using lucky shot, special item, ...)


!Fat Merchant(2)-1


The bot has team feature, by using '$' command and type amount of dices in ()
according to the team rule, it'll count only the dice that is six


And if you roll multiple cliches, it'll will show the total number.

$minion of evil scientist A(3/4)

minion of evil scientist B(2)

The bot have calculation+- feature, use '%'


Character Advancement aka Level Up!

To advance the Cliche put '^' in front of '!'


Optional Rules

Deadly Combat Mode



*4!Scheming Dracolich (9)